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Interactive Voice Response

Customers can leverage our interactive voice response solution to provide self-service. Callers can fulfill automated tasks like checking the status of something, making a secure payment, scheduling an appointment or completing a task that would normally require human assistance. We use Amazon Polly for Text to Speech and LEX for artificial intelligence.

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Our solution can know if you are available to communicate. Stay connected even when outside of the office, set your status to lunch to let people know that you are not available or let the system integrate with your calendar to know when you are away automatically, miss a call and it will put you […]

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Web based reporting allows you to see a holistic view of your communications on any device from any where and drill down into the details. Call detail reports provide links to the recordings. Executive summaries provide a narrative, view profit/loss, performance, quality and an assortment of key performance indicators.  Drop and drag data to create […]

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